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Level 1 Course Contents


Learn about the most important Japanese Candlesticks patterns


Learn how to use the Price Action in your technical analysis 


Learn how to correctly identify support and resistance levels and the drawing of the trend line 


Learn about continuous and reversal patterns to decide the price direction  


Learn a powerful money and risk management strategy by the founder of the OP FOREX  

More Information                                                            

The course duration can expand up to 50 days. There's a test at the end of course which involves applying the knowledge gained from the course on a demo account. Those who successfully pass the test will be capable to trade forex and make income from it. The lessons will be provided via pre-recorded videos. If after the end of the course and correct application of the information provided and you are still not in profit then you will be given extra support for FREE to help you reach that levl and if you still not in profit despite adhering to all the information of the course then you will get the course fees refunded less the transfer cost.  

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